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Swiss Life Asset Managers in France

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    280 employees

    Securities, Real Estate, Infrastructure

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    3 sites

    Paris, Marseille, Roubaix

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    EUR 60.4 billion

    in assets under management as at 31 December 2023

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    48% of our managers are female

    as at 31 December 2023

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    100% of our employees have completed training programmes

    as at 31 December 2023

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    43 recruitments (permanent contracts) concluded

    as at 31 December 2023

We are fully invested.

At Swiss Life Asset Managers, we are fully invested in working alongside our employees to unlock their potential. By drawing on their knowledge, experience and skills, they offer our clients new prospects and enable them to make the right decisions for their future. 

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We offer our talents a motivating and inspirational work environment, with a high level of requirements and a real opportunity to develop. Beyond individual performance, we believe that cooperation, trust and mutual respect are essential elements of our collective performance.

Our business areas


As ambitious, reputable and reliable asset managers, we pursue a long-term investment strategy in bonds, equities and multi-assets. Responsible investment forms a firm foundation of our business, not to mention an essential element of our fiduciary duty.

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The Portfolio Manager develops the investment strategy for the funds they are responsible for. They select the securities in the portfolio, monitor their performance and associated risks, seek out new opportunities, and manage subscriptions and redemptions. They report on performance to clients and stakeholders and contribute to the commercial development of their funds and/or asset class.

The Securities Analyst prepares internal and external reports on portfolio performance and risks. They monitor regulatory ratios and management constraints and help to develop management tools.

The Back and Middle Office Manager provides support and assistance for portfolio management activities. They work closely with custodians, valuers and/or counterparties to record and monitor transactions, as well as regulatory and internal ratios. They prepare the validation of net asset values and draw up various reports.

Real Estate

As a major player in real estate asset and fund management in Europe, we offer custom real estate products and services across the entire real estate value chain: fund structuring and engineering, portfolio management, real estate asset management and property administration.

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The Acquisitions Manager is responsible for acquiring assets in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain and Portugal. They develop the partner and provider network, identify investment opportunities, confirm whether assets are appropriate using the fund strategy, conduct due diligence, negotiate the financial terms of acquisitions and manage closings.

The Asset Manager optimises the value of a diversified or specialised portfolio of real estate assets (offices, residential properties, healthcare premises, hotels, logistics facilities). They develop asset valuation strategies and implement identified prospects for development, including adaptation to sustainable development challenges, extension, reconstruction and repositioning. They determine the asset marketing conditions.

The Property Manager manages a real estate portfolio. They draft leases and amendments, manage relationships with tenants, and carry out all of the activities associated with rental management (receipts, collection, rent recovery and inventory of fixtures and fittings). They also ensure that assets are properly managed from a technical standpoint for works and operations (in conjunction with the Works Manager) and prepare building operations contracts.


We are a responsible asset manager in two ways: firstly, towards our clients with respect to asset performance, and secondly towards society. We work day in, day out to promote socially responsible investment, through a management policy based on ESG assessment of our assets and a pragmatic sustainable approach.

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The ESG/ISR Analyst supports Asset Managers and Fund Managers in integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into their funds’ investment strategy. They play a key role in drawing up and monitoring action plans, collecting and processing ESG data to analyse non-financial performance, mapping the climate risk of our real estate assets and managing their carbon footprint.

Sales & Marketing Department

Whatever their investment expectations, we are fully invested in working alongside our clients to help them make sustainable choices and offer solutions that are tailored to their needs.

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The Sales Department’s main task is to hit the targets set by the company by acquiring new clients, while also maintaining existing client business. As the company’s external representative, it monitors the service quality provided to clients and partners and helps to strengthen the company’s image and presence on the market.

The Marketing Department studies market trends to gain a better understanding of the environment the company operates in. It contributes to portfolio management discussions, in terms of innovation and performance, as well as product communication. Working closely with the Sales Department, the Marketing Department responds to calls for tender and due diligence.

Client Services handles client requests and supports Marketing by responding to calls for tender and due diligence. It manages fund general meetings and consolidates client information. The Client Services Department also monitors and communicates with online platforms and brokers to ensure effective collaboration and high-quality services

Support Functions

The Support Functions (Legal, Finance, Compliance, Risk, etc.) play a key role in the success of our day-to-day activities and form the backbone of our company.

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Compliance ensures that the company complies with european and national regulations, as well as the Group’s current policies, particularly with respect to combatting corruption, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, MiFID II, market abuse, etc.

Internal Control establishes procedures and a control plan to ensure the reliability of operations, asset protection and risk prevention.

The Compliance and Internal Control Officer prepares control reports for the management and supervisory authorities.

The risk prevention and management system involves identifying and analysing financial, operational and non-compliance risks and ensuring that financial instruments comply with regulations by assisting the business units and management bodies.

The Risk Manager helps to raise teams’ awareness of regulatory issues, carries out one-off or recurring checks, prepares internal reports and/or is involved in drawing up legal and regulatory reports. They help to update risk maps and create procedures and policies.

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What we offer


Wellbeing at work

  • Collaborative, high-quality workspaces-         
  • Remote working for all employees (two days per week on average)
  • Annual psychosocial risk prevention programme
  • Wellbeing and stress management workshops

A family-friendly

  • 18 weeks of maternity leave
  • 25 days of paternity leave
  • Parents are given days off to care for their sick children


  • Supplementary health insurance cover 75% funded by the company
  • High level of social security
  • Customised support for employees who are vulnerable or have a disability
  • Personalised health coaching (sleep, nutrition, sport, etc.)

Social benefits

  • Profit-sharing scheme and incentives
  • Company savings schemes (PEE) and collective retirement savings plan (PERECO)
  • Supplementary pension savings 100% funded by the company.
  • Employer contribution towards meal costs
  • Social and cultural activities

Conditions of employment
and remuneration

Transparent, consistent, and balanced remuneration policy

  • Equal Pay Gender Index of 94/100
  • Compensation package for all employees
  • 8 weeks of annual leave


  • Custom training courses: open-access courses and customised programmes (SLAM ACADEMY)
  •  Three additional days per year to help you succeed in your diploma or certification training
  • More than 10% of mobility and promotions each year

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