At Swiss Life Asset Managers, we bring diversity, equity and inclusion to life every single day. We believe that celebrating our differences is the best way to leverage our strengths. As such, diversity and inclusion are key pillars of our approach.

At Swiss Life Asset Managers, we take pride in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). As a responsible asset management company, we recognise the positive impact that workplace diversity and inclusion have on both our employees and our community as a whole. We foster an inclusive culture, contributing not only to the success of our organisation but also of society at large.


Our DEI principles

Embracing diversity is not just a philosophy; it’s a fundamental aspect of how we operate. Our DEI principles guide our actions and foster a workplace where people from all backgrounds can thrive.

Swiss Life Asset Managers prioritises transparency and fairness in its recruitment and promotion processes, making decisions based on merit, skills and performance rather than biases.

Actively seeking diverse talent pools and eliminating systemic barriers to entry are crucial steps in fostering diversity and inclusion. We achieve this by, attending events that promote diversity in finance, and re-evaluating job descriptions to eliminate exclusionary, biased language.

Our teams – especially those involved in hiring and promotion decisions – undergo regular training on unconscious bias and cultural competence. In turn, this supports a more equitable workplace.

Lastly, we measure our DEI efforts on an ongoing basis to identify areas of improvement and celebrate successes. We do this by regularly analysing our workforce demographics, monitoring employee satisfaction and soliciting feedback to refine and strengthen our inclusive hiring and promotion practices over time.

Sponsorships and collaborations

As part of our commitment to DEI, we actively seek out sponsorships that align with our values. We collaborate with organisations such as myAbility, EDGE Certification and Advance; we’ve also signed the ‘Charta der Vielfalt’ diversity charter. These initiatives reflect our dedication to creating opportunities for under-represented groups and promoting diversity and inclusion within our industry.

myAbility is committed to advancing the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace. Through innovative approaches and collaborative efforts, myAbility strives to create equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities – fostering a workplace culture that values diversity and accessibility.

Advance is a Swiss foundation dedicated to accelerating women’s careers. By providing mentorship, networking opportunities and skill-building programmes, Advance empowers women to reach their full professional potential. The foundation plays a crucial role in breaking down barriers and promoting gender equality within corporate environments.

Cercle des Femmes de l’Immobilier is a French organisation dedicated to promoting diversity and empowering women within the real estate sector. It provides a platform for networking, mentorship and professional development, aiming to break down gender barriers and foster an inclusive environment within the real estate industry. Swiss Life Asset Managers’ collaboration with Cercle des Femmes de l’Immobilier reflects our commitment to supporting initiatives that advance gender diversity and equality in the field of real estate.

Swiss Life Asset Managers actively participates in the Diversity Working Group of AFG (Association Française de la Gestion Financière), showcasing our commitment to diversity and inclusion within the financial management sector in France. This collaboration involves engaging in discussions, sharing best practices and collectively working towards a more diverse and inclusive financial industry. By being a part of AFG’s Diversity Working Group, we contribute to the development of industry-wide initiatives that promote equality, diversity and inclusion in France’s financial sector.

Swiss Life Asset Managers is proud to supports La Cravate Solidaire, an organisation dedicated to helping individuals on their path to employment by providing professional attire, training and coaching. La Cravate Solidaire believes in empowering people facing social and economic challenges to build their confidence and skills, ultimately enhancing their employability. By partnering with La Cravate Solidaire, Swiss Life Asset Managers helps create inclusive opportunities for individuals to enter or re-enter the workforce, aligning with our commitment to societal well-being and diversity.

The ‘Charta der Vielfalt’ (Charter of Diversity) is a German initiative aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Signatories commit to creating a work environment free from discrimination, where all employees are valued regardless of their background. By signing the charter, Swiss Life Asset Managers reinforces its dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion in its workplaces.

Swiss Life Asset Managers supports the 10000 Interns Foundation, an organisation committed to providing meaningful internship opportunities. This aligns with our belief in the power of internships to shape the next generation of professionals and contribute to a diverse and skilled workforce. Learn more about the impactful work of the 10000 Interns Foundation and join us in championing their mission to promote diversity.

Swiss Life Asset Managers collaborates with the EY Foundation. In line with our commitment to making a positive impact, we value the Foundation’s efforts in empowering young people and developing their skills. Together, we believe in fostering a future where diversity is the default and opportunities are accessible to all. Explore the impactful work of the EY Foundation and join us in supporting their mission for positive change.

Social engagement is a key aspect of our DEI policy in the UK. All employees are given two paid volunteering days a year, which they can use for independent charity work or activities arranged by the internal Charity Committee. These group volunteering days have included Be Enriched (turning surplus food into a three-course meal for those who are socially isolated), Single Homeless Project (decorating the living spaces in a homeless hostel) and The Conservation Volunteers (rejuvenating a garden at a sheltered housing site).
We also host an annual charity fundraiser where we raise money for a chosen charity, usually one nominated by a team member.


Global EDGE certification

Gender equality

Swiss Life Asset Managers pursues a diversity and inclusion strategy and has launched various initiatives in this regard to create an inclusive working environment. This commitment to gender equality was recognised in May 2023 with the global EDGE ‘Assess’ certification. The award reinforces the ‘S’ (social) in Swiss Life Asset Managers’ ESG agenda.

Career opportunities

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