Discover the sheer variety of Swiss Life Asset Managers career development opportunities and the significant role they play: from leadership training to international assignment through to e-learning. Your career, your personal growth and your professional development – all in your hands.

At Swiss Life Asset Managers, we believe in fostering your professional development. This starts from the day you join our team and continues throughout your time with us. Our range of Swiss Life Asset Managers career development opportunities supports you to acquire leadership skills, deepen your industry knowledge and much more. 

Learning and growing  

The Swiss Life Asset Managers career development framework empowers employees with a comprehensive range of internal and external opportunities. At our internal Swiss Life AM Academy, our team can access a diverse array of developmental programmes, specifically designed to enhance their skills and knowledge. We acknowledge the importance of external learning experiences, actively supporting and encouraging pursuits such as obtaining role-relevant certifications. This commitment is reflected in a robust set of internal and external learning avenues to facilitate employee growth. 


At Swiss Life Asset Managers, we understand the importance of a well-rounded onboarding experience. By combining division-wide virtual workshops and e-learning modules with localised approaches, we provide new employees with the knowledge, connections and tools they need to hit the ground running. This approach not only promotes a sense of belonging but also sets the stage for long-term success within our organisation. 

These immersive virtual workshops bring together new joiners across Europe, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. Attendees have the chance to interact directly with the executive committee, ask them questions and gain insights into strategic initiatives. 

Time is precious when you start a new job. That’s why we’ve put together a series of e-learning modules covering the history, organisation and culture of Swiss Life Asset Managers to help you find your feet, quickly and easily. We also run legal and compliance sessions to ensure new employees have a sound grasp of the guidelines. 

We customise our onboarding to cater to specific local nuances, fostering a successful, effective start for each individual. 

Leadership development

Our commitment to quality leadership at Swiss Life Asset Managers is exemplified by our specialised leadership development course. This equips our managers with the skills they need to grow and lead effectively, enabling them to build trust-based relationships, innovate and inspire their teams. In addition, it fosters dialogue among our leadership community – and helps us to support our employees’ professional growth.  In addition to our core leadership development programme, we offer supplementary courses on crucial aspects of leadership, like inclusive management and team empowerment. In the modern age, the only constant is change – and our change leadership course gives managers the ability to navigate and lead through organisational change. 

Talent pools 

Talent pools are a cornerstone of the Swiss Life Asset Managers career development framework. Employees can also be added to one of our talent pools, allowing them to showcase their skills to a wider audience within the organisation. This promotes visibility, recognition and the opportunity for individuals to contribute their unique talents to broader initiatives. 

Shaping your own development

We’re dedicated to fostering an environment where employee development is a continuous, integral aspect of everyone’s professional journey.

The Swiss Life Asset Managers career development programme includes training on various topics to assist individuals in identifying their strengths and developing their skills. Subjects covered include trust and collaboration, customer focus, networking, strategic thinking, communication skills, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Teamwork is the bedrock of Swiss Life Asset Managers’ success: trusting, collaborative teams make people feel empowered to speak up and contribute their ideas. Our training on trust and collaboration (such as courses on being a team-shaper or building trust) helps foster a welcoming, collegial environment across the company. 

Our client-centric approach ensures that we listen to our clients’ needs and cater to them accordingly – thereby safeguarding both their success and ours. We bring customer focus to life, both in training and practice. 

Swiss Life Asset Managers' career development opportunities are aligned with the company's overarching mission. Diversity, equality and inclusion are central to this, as demonstrated by our DEI-specific training on topics such as cultural integration, intergenerational cooperation and breaking down barriers related to disability. 

Professional development

Our ‘101’ courses are a prominent part of the Swiss Life Asset Managers career development landscape. They offer bite-sized introductions to various business-related subjects such as securities, infrastructure, real estate, tax or finance. These courses are open to all employees and are led by internal experts – representing a valuable opportunity for our team to enhance their understanding of critical business aspects. 

Swiss Life Asset Managers, responsible investment serves as the strong foundation upon which we base our business activities, and not least, an essential element of our fiduciary duty – as illustrated by our ESG Weeks, when we bring this topic to the fore. During ESG Weeks, employees have the chance to participate in virtual interactive presentations and panel discussions, furthering their knowledge of ESG matters. 

A key part of the Swiss Life Asset Managers career development framework, international assignments function as a strategic initiative. Employees on assignment overseas can contribute to the company in different global contexts, address specific business needs and hone their intercultural skills. 

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