Convinced that the climate crisis cannot be tackled without the help of financial and real estate players, Swiss Life Asset Managers France is positioning itself as a responsible company and pursues a management policy based on the ESG assessment of its assets.

An approach based on the ESG assessment of our assets

For more than 160 years, Swiss Life Asset Managers’ investment philosophy has focused on all the various facets of long-term capital protection and risk management. As we are highly aware of sustainability issues and of the impact of each investment decision, we support our clients' investment decisions every day so that they can make sustainable choices and at the same time plan their financial future with complete freedom of choice. 

As real estate has a significant environmental impact and plays a key role in the well-being of society, we have integrated ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues into our decision-making from the outset. Our philosophy is centred on the need to develop existing assets and upgrade new properties to the highest standards in order to develop our overall real estate portfolio. To carry out this approach successfully, Swiss Life Asset Managers France works together with reputable service providers (Ethifinance, MSCI, Deepki…). 

Key figures

  • 29-ROUGE.png

    70,30 %

    of the real estate assets integrate ESG criteria into their investment processes, i.e. 98% of real estate assets for which Swiss Life Asset Managers France performs asset management tasks alone (no delegating, no advisory services).

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    90 %

    of the securities funds integrate ESG analyses into their investment processes and, in particular, exclude securities whose income is based on the extraction, exploitation or sale of thermal coal, controversial ("red flag") securities according to MSCI or securities whose ESG rating from MSCI would be insufficient (CCC rating).

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    32 SRI-labelled funds

    bringing to €19 billion the SRI assets managed by Swiss Life Asset Managers as at 31/12/2022

A pragmatic SRI approach

1. ESG Integration objectives

The 3 ESG pillars are taken into account when defining the ESG profile and strategy of our assets.

2. An incremental vision

Our strategy does not aim to acquire the best rated or certified assets. We seek to enhance all the portfolios we currently hold.

3. A strategy for improvement

ESG issues are integrated into the day-to-day management of our real estate assets, from the selection to the allocation of investments, by rating all our assets, measuring how this rating has changed and defining a strategy to improve the ESG rating.

4. A shared ambition

Our teams are involved at all levels of the company and thus obtain an overall view of sustainable development issues.

5. A transparent approach

We communicate our activities and our progress in implementing this approach.

2021 CSR Report 

Find out more about our corporate, social and environmental responsibility. 


SRI-certified range 

Our SRI-labeled assets represent 19 billion euros as of end of December 2022, for 32 funds in total for both Securities and Real Estate.

Participation in the financial community's initiatives for a sustainable economy


Within the framework of a working group led by the ASPIM (French association of real estate investment companies), Swiss Life Asset Managers France participated in the development of an SRI label adapted to real estate funds. We are also involved in the SRI working group of the AFG (French Association of Financial Management), in the OID (Sustainable Real Estate Observatory) and are a signatory of the tertiary Charter of the Plan Bâtiment durable (Sustainable Building Plan) which aims to reduce energy consumption in buildings.

Sponsorship of "Modernités suisses (1890-1914)"

The social responsibility of Swiss Life Asset Managers France is also reflected in cultural initiatives. In 2020, the company joined forces with the Musée d'Orsay as sponsor of the exhibition "Modernités suisses (1890-1914)”. 

26,700 trees planted in France with Reforest'Action

When Pierre Capitale SCPI was launched at the beginning of 2017, Swiss Life Asset Managers France initiated a partnership with Reforest'Action to contribute to the reforestation of French forests and is now offering each new SCPI subscriber the opportunity to plant a tree. 

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