Since 2009, Swiss Life Asset Managers France has positioned itself as a responsible player by offering a management policy based on the ESG assessment of its real estate assets.

A commitment initiated in 2009

A strong ESG conviction for the past 10 years: we are convinced that proactively integrating relevant ESG factors into the investment process allows us to improve the ESG performance of our assets and, above all, to ensure the visibility of returns on our different asset classes.

Our responsible investment policy explains our approach: ESG criteria are integrated into our risk management and form an integral part of our investment decision-making process.

Our management philosophy is geared towards the need to upgrade existing assets and bring new buildings up to the highest standards. We define a strategy for improving the ESG rating of each property, an action plan and annual measurement of the rating's evolution.
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Swiss Life Asset Managers has a long track record in responsible investment. We have managed the assets of the Swiss Life Group and of institutional clients for more than 160 years and have always followed a long-term and risk-based investment philosophy. We maintain our goal to deliver in all asset classes strong, long-term results for our clients. In Real Estate, we consider ESG opportunities and risks by embedding them in every investment decision, to ensure long-term preservation and optimization of the properties.

Responsible investment at a glance

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    6 funds with the SRI label since December 2020

    which give concrete expression to our efforts and commitments in favour of responsible property investment.

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    70,30% of our real estate assets include ESG criteria

    in their investment process, i.e. 98% of the real estate assets which the company manages by itself, without delegation or advice.

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    An SRI approach at the heart of our management strategy

    with the aim of developing our assets as part of an overall project to improve the stock through the involvement of all our employees.

The 3 ESG pillars are taken into account in defining the ESG profile and strategy of our assets.

Our strategy is not to acquire the highest rated or labelled assets. We seek to advance all of our portfolios during the course of our ownership.

ESG issues are integrated into the day-to-day management of our real estate assets, from the selection to the allocation of investments by rating all our assets, measuring the evolution of this rating and defining a strategy to improve the ESG rating.

Our teams are involved at all levels of the company to ensure that sustainable development issues are taken into account globally.

Our funds certification


As a committed player, Swiss Life Asset Managers France has worked for more than three years on the development of the SRI label for real estate in order to ensure that the label's evolution fully valorises real estate in its role as a player in the ecological transition and to accompany societal changes. This label is a tool for choosing responsible and sustainable investments. Created and supported by the Ministry of Finance, it aims to make Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) products more visible to savers in France and Europe and offers a guarantee of transparency and quality for these investments.

Since the publication of the decree in July 2020, Swiss Life Asset Managers France has already labelled 6 real estate funds and hopes to label others in the near future. 

Eco-Campus Paris Ouest, a low-carbon approach

This building complex in La Garenne-Colombes is a perfect example of the energy transition. Aligned with the net zero objective of the Paris Agreement of 2050, its entire construction was designed with a low-carbon approach (use of low-carbon concrete, wooden upper structure and use of bio-sourced materials). Eventually, it will be powered by a mix of renewable energies (geothermal and photovoltaic), a large part of which will be produced on site. It should also be multi-labelled (Breeam Excellent, HQE Excellent, E+C-, Biodivercity, Wiredscore Gold).

As a player committed to a sustainable economy, we participate in local initiatives:

Swiss Life Asset Managers France has been a PRI signatory since 20091 . It has obtained the highest rating: A+ with 30 stars out of 30 possible2.

1- Since 2009 for the real estate activities of Swiss Life Asset Managers France and since 2018 at the level of Swiss Life Asset Managers     2- Source PRI, Assessment report 2020, Strategy and Governance module

Swiss Life Asset Managers France is a GRESB member since 2018 

We participated in the development of the SRI label adapted to real estate funds, as part of a working group led by the ASPIM (Association Française des Sociétés de Placements Immobiliers).

Previously, the ASPIM worked on a Charter of commitment to the development of SRI management in real estate.

Swiss Life Asset Managers France is also a signatory of the Plan Bâtiment Durable's Tertiary Charter, which aims to reduce energy consumption in buildings.

The Observatoire de l'Immobilier Durable (OID) collects ESG information from its members' properties to create a database for comparing the ESG performance of properties. Through our membership, we can assess the performance of our properties and compare them to a benchmark. In addition, we have participated since its launch in the working group whose aim is to create an open source tool for mapping the physical climate risks on a property portfolio.

Swiss Life Asset Managers France actively participated in the "Real Estate and SRI Transparency Code" working group of the AFG (Association Française de Gestion Financière) to design the French version of the European Transparency Code.


Our Impact Investing fund is SRI certified

October 2021 : our impact investing fund obtains its SRI certification.

Another fund is SRI certified

SRI label obtained for a real estate fund dedicated to Ircantec

A 1st fund is SRI certified

Obtaining the SRI label for a real estate fund dedicated to MAIF.