This label confirms the professional collective real-estate investment scheme’s (OPPCI's) commitment to responsible real estate investment

AFNOR Certification has awarded the SRI label to the Immobilier Impact Investing fund managed by Swiss Life Asset Managers France in partnership with Cedrus & Partners. This demonstrates the fund's efforts and commitment to responsible real estate investment. This label recognises the seriousness and ambition of the OPPCI’s and its management company’s commitment in the area of socially responsible investment (SRI).

A pioneer in the field, Swiss Life Asset Managers France was able to capitalise on its expertise accumulated since 2009 to deploy an established ESG methodology, which the label confirms as reliable and sustainable. This label is therefore not an end-result but a milestone in the life of the fund. SRI is in fact integral to the fund, with the implementation of plans to improve the ESG characteristics of its assets and thereby achieve
the best possible ratings.

"This label rewards the work done by all the teams at Swiss Life Asset Managers France, from the selection of investment opportunities to the day-to-day management of properties. We implement ESG best practices to enhance the quality of our assets and report our ESG progress to our clients," explains Loïc Lonchampt, Fund Manager at Swiss Life Asset Managers France.

"Obtaining this label institutionalises the highly innovative approach of this vehicle, which allows investors to help combat poor housing while targeting an IRR target in excess of 3%. More than 4 million people live in substandard housing in France and we are proud to be associated with these efforts together with our partners Samu Social de Paris, Habitat et Humanisme, Swiss Life Asset Managers and all the investors already participating in the fund. The fund will remain open until the end of 2021 for investors wishing to join the adventure.” Sébastien Roca, partner at Cedrus & Partners.

By obtaining the SRI label for this fund, Swiss Life Asset Managers France has reached a new milestone in the pursuit of its responsible real estate approach. Six real estate funds with assets of almost EUR 3.2 billion have been certified since December 2020.

About OPPCI Immobilier Impact Investing

Launched in 2019, OPPCI Immobilier Impact Investing is the first impact real estate fund. Its objective is to rehouse needy people via our two partners – Samu Social de Paris and Habitat et Humanisme, both major players in social housing – while at the same time targeting a return for investors The strategy is based on two real estate components with a portfolio designed to combine returns with solidarity:

  • The social component, which accounts for 20% of total investor commitments. This portfolio consists of residential properties, built or due to be built, located in Paris and its inner suburbs and in the major French metropolises. They are selected, in agreement with our partners and made available to them upon completion.
  • The return component (representing 80% of investors' total commitments) is invested in assets dedicated to managed accommodation (senior residences, student residences...).

Past performance is no indication of future results. OPPCI Immobilier Impact Investing mainly invests in real estate and is therefore considered to be relatively illiquid. Swiss Life Asset Managers France therefore recommends holding shares for 15 years and does not guarantee the invested capital (risk of capital loss). Please consult the regulatory documents on the internet for further details: