In the areas of private debt, senior loans and infrastructure debt, Swiss Life Asset Managers built up considerable expertise for Swiss Life and its third-party professional clients, representing more than EUR 6 billion in assets as at 31 December 2022. The strategy has high value, as it is based on the full alignment of interests and the expertise of professional specialist teams.

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    EUR 6 bn

    in assets already invested

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    6 funds

    in total

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    12 experts

    in private debt, loans and infrastructure

Infrastructure debt

In the area of infrastructure debt, Swiss Life Asset Managers aims to issue EUR 2.5 billion in senior loans and bonds over the next three years and has opened its fund to professional third-party investors. For a co-investor, this strategy has high value, as it is based on a full alignment of interests:

  • The fund has made and manages 21 investments already as at 31.12.22;
  • Strong support from the Swiss Life Group with EUR 1.5 billion committed to the fund, providing a unique alignment of interests with third-party long-term investors looking for disciplined access to infrastructure debt as an asset class;
  • A team of three infrastructure professionals with an average of 20 years’ expertise each and three sector experts with specialist expertise;
  • Direct access to attractive investment opportunities thanks to the team’s long-standing relationships with equity sponsors, banks and consulting firms;
  • Buy and hold strategy with the aim of being a long-term partner;
  • Senior infrastructure guarantee debt and acquisition debt in the form of loans or bonds;
  • Greenfield and brownfield project;
  • Minimum rating of BB- for individual projects and target portfolio rating of BB+/BBB-;
  • Attractive net investor return with average portfolio maturity between 7 and 8 years;
  • 100% of infrastructure eligible for Solvency II;
  • A level of risk commensurate with the expected returns.

Senior loans

In senior loans as private debt, Swiss Life Asset Managers has issued more than EUR 5 billion in senior loans and bonds on behalf of the Group. Managed by a team of private credit specialists, these funds benefit from a high degree of diversification and a conservative positioning. One of the funds is also open to professional third-party investors.

This investment strategy of senior secured loans allows investors to combine the search for current yield and lower volatility with the interest of protected assets.

Swiss Life AM’s credit management is characterised by its bottom-up quality approach to credit selection and its particular attention to risk management.

  • Our funds, invested in the US and Europe, focus on large issues denominated in dollars and euros and target the top end of the BBB/BB to BB/B credit range.


Money Market

Swiss Life Asset Managers' well-known expertise in money market and cash management includes SRI-labelled funds that combine performance with consideration of financial and ESG risks.

Investment Grade Fixed Income

Swiss Life Asset Managers offers its expertise in Investment Grade fixed income management covering most market segments: credit and government bonds, variable rates, inflation, green bonds, etc.

High Yield

In the High Yield segment, Swiss Life Asset Managers has developed a two-fold expertise: maturity funds invested in the United States and Europe and " traditional " global and Eurozone High Yield funds.

Emerging debt

Swiss Life Asset Managers' expertise in emerging debt includes funds invested in emerging market hard currency IG corporate debt, short term corporate funds and ESG emerging market sovereign bond funds.

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