In emerging market bond management, Swiss Life Asset Managers has built up expertise amounting to almost EUR 1 billion in assets based on strong cooperation between macro-economists specialising in emerging markets and dedicated managers. Initially developed from corporate bonds issued in hard currency, it has recently expanded into government and government-related bonds with a good ESG rating according to the Swiss Life ESG Rating Model.

Swiss Life Asset Managers has developed emerging market expertise over a number of years, relying on a dedicated management team. This expertise is split across three funds invested in hard currency bonds issued by emerging market companies, governments and agencies:

  1. Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Bond Emerging Market Corporates, created in 2014.
  2. Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Bond Emerging Market Corporates Short Term, created in 2017.
  3. Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Bond ESG Emerging Markets Sovereigns, created in 2020

  • Emerging market debt can offer higher yields than developed country bond markets in return for a higher risk.
  • The impact of emerging markets on global growth is continuing to increase. They remain attractive compared to developed markets. 
  • More stable returns and low correlation to other emerging market assets. 
  • An experienced management team dedicated to emerging markets that works closely with: 
    • macroeconomic research, 
    • emerging market experts, 
    • the developed markets fixed-income management team, o the legal team. 
  • Broad diversification of portfolios

The investor is advised that the initial capital investment is not guaranteed. Through the investments of these UCITS funds, the investor may be exposed to the following main risks:

  • credit risk 
  • interest rate risk
  • market risk 
  • emerging market risk 
  • discretionary risk 
  • operational risk

Latest news

25.01.2021 Swiss Life Asset Managers launches dedicated ESG investment solution for emerging market sovereign bonds

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