The portfolio consists of money market and short term money market funds, most of which are SRI-labelled and cover investment horizons from one week to three months.

The money market management of Swiss Life Asset Managers is designed to meet investors’ cash management needs. Composed of money market and short-term money market funds, the range of funds available is largely SRI labelled and covers investment horizons ranging from one week to three months. Our management is characterised by a collective investment process, rigorous risk monitoring and significant credit analysis resources that guarantee our independence from rating agencies.

For over 25 years, Swiss Life Asset Managers has been offering its clients cash management with long-standing expertise in the segment. Its money market portfolio of almost EUR 8  billion of assets consists of two UCIs with different profiles in terms of liquidity and exposure to credit and interest rates.  It has a particularly good reputation among institutional and large corporate clients.

Our money market and short-term money market funds are built on:

  • a fundamental “top down” approach,
  • an objective of transparency,
  • active management of performance drivers,
  • a collective approach,
  • risk control at the heart of the investment process.

Our main money market funds have been awarded the SRI label. The management team rigorously monitors the ESG ratings at issuer and portfolio level. Issuer downgrades / controversies and significant changes at the portfolio level are discussed at the weekly committee meetings, and steps are decided within the team.

The management team avoids investing in issuers with very low ESG ratings, and any investment in these issuers must be justified by the portfolio manager to the local and divisional risk committee.

In addition to the company-wide restrictions (investments in thermal coal, controversial weapons, FATF blacklist etc.), the Fixed Income Management team blacklists certain issuers on the basis of poor ESG performance, and restrictions are imposed on the purchase of the securities of these issuers (internal watch list).

Swiss Life Funds (F) Money Market Euro awarded SRI label

SRI label awarded to four equity funds and one short-term money market fund

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