Swiss Life Asset Managers' long-term expertise, inherited from its vast experience in serving the Group's insurance companies, covers most market segments: money market, variable rate, credit bonds, high yield, inflation and emerging debt.

Swiss Life Asset Managers' historic know-how, inherited from its long experience in the service of the group's insurance companies, fixed income and credit management covers most market segments: money market, variable rates, credit bonds, high yield, inflation and emerging debt.

104 bn AuM

16 portofolio managers

21 open funds

Key figures fixed income, bonds, money market (as at 31.12.2020)

Investment Philosophy

Swiss Life Asset Managers has many years of experience in active management, particularly in fixed income and bond management. Our investments aim for attractive and stable returns over a long-term investment horizon, reflecting our sustainable and risk-oriented investment culture.

We seek to enhance portfolio performance by integrating fundamental analysis and the use of complementary models for investment selection and risk and performance monitoring. In this way, we aim to protect our clients' assets to help them achieve their long-term investment goals.

We provide essential value to our clients through active and risk-aware management. We aim to reduce potential individual risks through broad diversification to achieve an optimal risk/return ratio for fixed income assets. With the objective of achieving a sustainable strong performance, we exploit investment opportunities arising from market inefficiencies and price distortions with a particular focus on responsible bond, bond credit and money market investments.


Money Market

Swiss Life Asset Managers' well-known expertise in money market and cash management includes SRI-labelled funds that combine performance with consideration of financial and ESG risks.

Investment Grade Fixed Income

Swiss Life Asset Managers offers its expertise in Investment Grade fixed income management covering most market segments: credit and government bonds, variable rates, inflation, green bonds, etc.

High Yield

In the High Yield segment, Swiss Life Asset Managers has developed a two-fold expertise: maturity funds invested in the United States and Europe and " traditional " global and Eurozone High Yield funds.

Emerging debt

Swiss Life Asset Managers' expertise in emerging debt includes funds invested in emerging market hard currency IG corporate debt, short term corporate funds and ESG emerging market sovereign bond funds.

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