On World Biodiversity Day, Swiss life Asset Managers France joins the 140 financial institutions that have signed the Finance for Biodiversity (FfB) Foundation's Pledge and becomes a member of the Foundation.

By signing the Foundation's Pledge Finance for Biodiversity (or FfB) and becoming a member of the Foundation, Swiss Life Asset Managers France strengthens its commitment for biodiversity.

The FfB Foundation is the leading global investor organisation for biodiversity action. Through collaborative action in working groups covering themes such as public policy advocacy, target setting, engagement with companies, and impact assessment, the Foundation's members can significantly accelerate the biodiversity protection.

 In practical terms, Swiss Life Asset Managers France, as a signatory and member of the Foundation, is joining two working groups as of Monday 22 May: the first on engaging with business and measuring business impact; the second on the positive impact of financial players. The objective for Swiss Life Asset Managers France is to actively contribute to these workshops in order to share and acquire knowledge on biodiversity while continuing to develop its expertise on the subject through its three impact funds, one of which is entirely dedicated to biodiversity: Swiss Life Funds (Lux) Equity Environment & Biodiversity Impact.
This fund selects companies whose products and services (pollution prevention and control, water treatment, sustainable agriculture, etc.) contribute to preserving terrestrial and marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

The World Biodiversity Day, created by the United Nations, aims to raise awareness and understanding of this issue among a wide audience. Biodiversity issues and challenges can no longer be ignored. It is therefore the duty of players such as Swiss Life Asset Managers France to get involved and promote these key issues that affect our future.

“At Swiss Life Asset Managers France, as a long-term investor, we are committed to leaving a sustainable world for future generations. Biodiversity is a valuable resource and it is our duty to preserve it. We are proud to support the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge to contribute to the transition of our economy” Frédéric Bôl, CEO Swiss Life Asset Managers France.