The merger of the Swiss Life Managers companies is scheduled for completion by 1 August. The merged company will trade under the name of Swiss Life Asset Managers Deutschland GmbH. Customer contacts will remain unchanged.

As part of its strategic direction in Germany, Swiss Life Asset Managers decided on the full integration of CORPUS SIREO Real Estate GmbH into Swiss Life Asset Managers. This also includes a uniform market presence as Swiss Life Asset Managers as from the end of 2021.  

“Following the founding of the German holding in 2019, this measure enables us to concentrate our competencies across Germany and to offer our customers our broad range of services even more effectively from a single source. In this way, we are laying the foundations for further long-term growth,” as Per Erikson, CEO of Swiss Life Asset Managers in Germany, emphasised.

CORPUS SIREO Real Estate GmbH was taken over by Swiss Life Asset Managers in 2014 and has so far operated as an independent company. CORPUS SIREO Managing Director Anett Barsch was already a member of Swiss Life Asset Managers’ Executive Board as Head Real Estate Project Development in the segments of residential and commercial. In 2020, CORPUS SIREO Managing Director Franz Krewel was also appointed a member of Swiss Life Asset Managers’ management team in Germany. He is responsible for the areas of residential, office, retail, and health care in the real estate segment. Krewel is also in charge of asset management, which includes providing support for corporate customers. Both Franz Krewel and Anett Barsch will remain in their functions as members of Swiss Life Asset Managers' Executive Board in Germany, also after the merger. 

“This decision on the merger was the next logical step in the context of Swiss Life Asset Managers’ overall strategy in Germany and should allow us an even more extensive development of the market,” as Per Erikson went on to comment. “As Swiss Life Asset Managers, we are looking to expand our strong market position in Germany, also in the real estate sector. Naturally, nothing will change as far as our trust-based collaboration with our partners is concerned. Optimising many internal processes, including ongoing digitalisation, will enable us serve our customers even better in the future,” Erikson states. 

Restructuring will be carried out based on a very sound market position. Despite the occasional, pandemic induced reticence with regard to transactions in the real estate segment, Swiss Life Asset Managers achieved good results in the financial year 2020.  

BEOS AG will remain active on the German market under its own brand: “Internally, all units of Swiss Life Asset Managers Germany will collaborate more closely, which includes BEOS. We are also aware of BEOS’s special market position in the segment of corporate real estate and appreciate the quality of this special brand. Consequently, we will continue to operate on the German market in the future through the BEOS brand as well. Moreover, the expertise of all our colleagues is already being channelled into Swiss Life Asset Managers’ pan-European projects, and we are engaging in close cooperation – an approach we intend to reinforce in the future,” as Per Erikson stated in conclusion.


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