On 18 May of this year, Swiss Life Asset Managers was awarded the “Trophée d’Or du Revenu” for the best selection of International Bonds over 3 years in the Insurance Companies category.

The Golden Trophy recognises the performance of UCITS managed by Swiss Life Asset Managers under French and Luxembourg law from our bond selections Inflation, Emerging Markets, High Yield and Global Corporate Bonds. These funds are eligible for unit-linked life insurance contracts.

Every year for more than 30 years the editorial board of “Le Revenu” has analysed 
45 000 SICAVs and European funds approved by the French market authority (AMF) and marketed in France. The jury bases its decisions on data provided by Morningstar, market prices and variations in these SICAVs and FCPs determined on 31 March 2017.

Seven Swiss Life Asset Managers funds have won “Le Revenu” Trophies in 2017:

  • SLF (F) Bond Global Inflation P
  • SLF (F) Rendement P C und SLF (F) Rendement P D
  • Swiss Life (LUX) Bd Em Mkts Corp EUR, Swiss Life (LUX) Bd Em Mkts Corp Hdg and Swiss Life (LUX) Bd Em Mkts Corp R EUR
  • Swiss Life (LUX) Bd Glb Corps EUR
  • Swiss Life (LUX) Bd Glbl HY EUR, Swiss Life (LUX) Bd Glbl HY EUR R, Swiss Life (LUX) Bd Glbl HY EUR S
  • Swiss Life (LUX) Bd Global Corp EUR, Swiss Life (LUX) Bd Global Corp R EUR,
  • Swiss Life (LUX) Bd Inflation Pro R EUR

References to past rankings or awards provide no indication of future rankings or awards. Depending on the publication date, the information presented may differ from updates. This document does not constitute investment advice, nor an invitation, nor a subscription offer, nor a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument and may under no circumstances serve, in whole or in part, as the basis for any contract or commitment of any kind.

Trophée d'Or
Trophée d'Or

F.l.t.r: Dimitri Andraos, Head of Fixed Income & Credit TPAM France, Rishabh Tiwari, Portfolio Manager EM markets TPAM Switzerland, Gilles Frisch, Head of High Yield TPAM France

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