Anyone looking to invest sustainably needs to be thinking today about tomorrow. That’s exactly what we do in our new cross-border brand campaign.

We are asking hypothetical questions of possible relevance to the Swiss Life Asset Managers investment strategy. What counts is finding the right questions, which is precisely at the heart of our risk management, and of our investment philosophy: the early identification, analysis and review of opportunities and risks. This is what has made us a successful asset manager for almost 160 years now, the perfect partner for our customers and their longer self-determined life.

The visual concept of the new campaign focuses on how we will live tomorrow. While the images are not futuristic, together with the questions posed they do give us a glimpse of the issues that will be concerning all of us in future. The visuals are warm, friendly and human.

To represent the diversified range of offerings and issues amid which we live, we present seven images associated with digitalisation, long-term viability, real estate and infrastructure.

The Swiss Life Asset Managers brand campaign started mid-April 2017.

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