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In this interview, Edouard Faure, Head of High Yield Management at Swiss Life Asset Managers France, invites you to learn what makes this asset class so special and attractive.

Edouard Faure looks back at the launch in September 2020 of a new high-yield bond fund, Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Bond High Yield Opportunity 2026. The fund, which is invested in high-yield corporate bonds, is based on a “pure,” non-benchmarked management strategy, with security selection incorporating ESG filters. The fund will be open and accessible to investors until it matures in 2026. The portfolio will consist of bonds denominated in Euros, US dollars and, potentially, British pounds, and will be hedged against currency risk. It favours a selective and diversified approach to securities based on a "buy & hold" strategy. The investment strategy is based on a comprehensive fundamental analysis of issuers that allows for the selection of issuers with the best risk/return ratio. The statistical maturity of the securities in the portfolio will be aligned with that of the fund.

The management team pays particular attention to portfolio diversification, in line with its rigorous risk control policy. This approach is all the more appropriate in the current market environment, where default rates are high in historical terms.

As at 31 December 2021, Swiss Life Asset Managers managed over EUR 6 billion invested in the high yield markets, of which around EUR 870 million was managed by Swiss Life Asset Managers France.

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