Residential – new models emerge

In this video, Loïc Lonchampt, senior manager in the Resi&Care unit at Swiss Life Asset Managers France
discusses the emergence of new trends in the residential sector.

 Loïc Lonchampt notes that the residential market is constantly evolving. While residential remains a key asset class for which demand remains very strong, new trends, accelerated by the health crisis, have emerged, including co-living. Co-living offers greater flexibility and makes it possible to adapt the level of service and accommodation to each individual occupant,” he says. He points out that Swiss Life Asset Managers pays particular attention to the choice of projects, noting that “location and technical services are essential” as are “issues related to the environment and comfort, which are addressed through thermal insulation, light and the availability of outdoor space.”

 This global ESG approach is key and is perfectly embodied in the projects carried out by the Resi&Care team, such as the Bains Douches in Paris’s 15th arrondissement, a wood-frame co-living structure, or the La Maillerie district under construction in Lille.

Residential at Swiss Life Asset Managers France

Swiss Life Asset Managers France invests in all types of real estate assets and has, since its founding, accumulated considerable expertise in the residential sector, which now accounts for 12% of its assets (as at 31 December 2021). It manages 178 residential properties in France and throughout Europe. The company completed a major market acquisition in 2018, integrating a portfolio of 128 residential properties valued at EUR 1.4 billion.

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