Winner of the "Réinventer Paris” (reinvent Paris) competition, the Îlot Fertile operation, developed by Linkcity, is giving new impetus to the 19th arrondissement of Paris and is poised to become the city’s very first zero-carbon district.

On 10 June, Swiss Life Asset Managers France took delivery of the UCPA Sport Station Hostel Paris in the 19th arrondissement of Paris between the priority urban policy district “Michelet-Alphonse Karr – rue de
Nantes” and the NPNRU district “Porte de la Chapelle – Charles Hermite”. This transaction, acquired as a sale on completion on behalf of Ircantec and ANRU co-investment fund within France 2030, consists of a 228-bed youth hostel, a bar-restaurant area and a sports multiplex over a total area of nearly 5500m².
Located in the new Îlot Fertile district developed by Linkcity, the complex opened its doors in June and will be inaugurated at the start of the autumn in the presence of the city officials. 

A unique and innovative space
The sports centre, open seven days a week, is equipped with, among other things, a boulder climbing hall, five squash courts, badminton courts, a gym and two padel tennis courts, an indoor first for Paris.
The aim of the complex is to provide accessible and innovative accommodation for young people, international students and tourists, while at the same time improving the local sports facilities for as many people as possible with high-quality facilities and supervision.

Located in the north-east of Paris, this complex has excellent public transport links and is close to Rosa Parks RER E station. The complex has already obtained three certificates: Effinergie +, PEQA et BiodiverCity.

“The teams at Swiss Life Asset Managers France are particularly proud to deliver this unique hybrid facility to Paris on behalf of Ircantec and in partnership with UCPA and ANRU. In addition to increasing the City of Paris’ sports facilities, it will help to increase social diversity and breathe new life into the neighbourhood,” asserts Fabrice Lombardo, Head of Real Estate Operations at Swiss Life Asset Managers France.

“The ANRU Co-Investment Fund, along with its partners, is helping to transform this environmentally exemplary neighbourhood. This facility contributes to social cohesion within an area undergoing rapid change, thanks to innovative sports facilities and accessible accommodation.” adds Corinne Bertone, Head of ANRU co-investment fund.

Îlot Fertile, an ambitious project to revitalise the neighbourhood
Winner of the “Réinventer Paris” award in February 2016, Îlot Fertile covers 1.3 hectares and houses eco-friendly facilities enabling it to aim for a zero-carbon footprint. With a large open garden of 6500 m², it is also surrounded by 440 dwellings, including 50 social units.
The highly innovative character of the area and its exemplary ecology are based in particular on the installation of short circuits, the presence of local products, the use of optimised fluids, energy efficiency and renewable electricity production.
Cultural and sporting city breaks, unprecedented in the capital, should be introduced to promote geographical mobility and help make the UCPA Sport Station Hostel Paris and Îlot Fertile popular among tourists and Parisians. Experiments on the topic of urban ecology will also be conducted soon, as part of a Living Lab. 

Promoting social diversity
As a driving force, the ANRU Co-Investment Fund supported all stakeholders throughout the project, with the aim of transforming the neighbourhood. The space was designed as a residential area to open up the wasteland of Îlot Fertile and to encourage interaction between the different populations of Îlot Fertile and the surrounding areas. The provision of accommodation will also help to create social links between the inhabitants and the young Europeans who will benefit from it. Social and occupational integration schemes have also been put in place to promote local employment.