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Swiss Life Asset Managers France is a responsible investor, aware of the major impact of real estate on the environment.

Its sustainable development approach is based on four major principles:

  • The consideration of the environmental dimension as well as social/societal and governance dimensions, allowing the company to define a strategic ESG profile of each building
  • A pragmatic vision of sustainable development which does not focus on the acquisition of new and certified assets but on the improvement of  the entire portfolio
  • The integration of sustainable development into daily asset management (work charter, renta and technical indicators, etc)
  • Teams involved at each level of the company for a global consideration of sustainability issues


Swiss Life Asset Managers France has developed an acquisition and management process on all managed assets systematically including a sustainable strategy. This pragmatic approach allows the company to develop a better knowledge of the ESG profile of each asset and improve them while respecting a financial target set up by the investment.

SRI is at the heart of our activity


A ESG rating framework

Swiss Life Asset Managers France, with the support of EthiFinance, implemented an environment, social and governance rating framework (ESG) to assess real estate assets before acquisition and under management. Although the environment perspective is an essential component of this type of assets,Swiss Life Asset Managers France whished to take into account social and governance issues. Each building under management goes through an environmental audit carried out by a specialised company and is then rated according to the framework. An improvement strategy of the ESG rating is carried out for each building in line with the fund's objectives.

Sustainability Report

Swiss Life Asset Managers France has been committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach since its creation. Its 2019 CSR Report aims to provide a clear vision of the commitments made throughout the year in favor of the environment, society and its stakeholders.