Swiss Life Asset Managers France Offer PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER ACCESS

Swiss Life Asset Managers France provides institutional investors with real estate solutions, adapted to their investment strategy, either through a dedicated AIF or a club deal AIF.

Swiss Life Asset Managers France operates on behalf of institutional investors such as banks, pension funds, insurance companies, as a regulated investment management company developing OPCI, OPPCI and AIF.

Investors can therefore either proceed to the creation of their own fund (dedicated fund) or join a club deal.

Dedicated funds for a customized solution

Wheter you have an existing portfolio or looking to acquire an asset or a portfolio of assets, Swiss Life Asset Managers France offers solutions suited to your investor's profile, your restrictions and your strategy.

Some references


  • Dedicated Fund pursuing a SRI engagement policy and development of the portfolio
  • Transformation of a historical SAS into a dedicated AIF
  • ...


Club deal funds to diversify your investments

Wheter you wish to gradually build a portfolio, diversify your investments or focus on a specific strategy, Swiss Life Asset Managers France offers club deal funds gathering a limited number of investors.

Some references


  • Creation of 2 conviction based club deal funds specialized on student homes
  • Outsourcing a retail distribution portfolio and set up of a club deal fund
  • Acquisition of several hotel portfolios and launch of two club deal funds focused on this asset class
  • ...


A retail fund for individual investors

The OPCI SwissLife Dynapierre


  • Transformation of SCI Acavi and direct eligibility to life insurance
  • Fund exclusively distributed by the Swiss Life Group