Swiss Life Asset Managers France Offer PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER ACCESS

Real estate Asset Management

Swiss Life Asset Managers France has developed a high quality network allowing the management company to identify acquisition opportunities. In 2015, Swiss Life Asset Managers France's funds acquired more than 800 million euros of assets in all asset classes.

Asset Management teams at Swiss Life Asset Managers France ensure asset profitability, identify all scanarios improving properties performance and implement correspondig action plans.

Annual budgets and multi-annual business plans are updated periodically, in conjunction with internal analysts to monitor asset managers actions in terms of:

  • Income, expenses and works
  • Valuation of real estate assets


Each real estate asset is unique and therefore must follow a strategy in line with the global portfolio strategy, with:

Range of skills

  • Sourcing thanks to a large developed network
  • Off market sourcing
  • Strategic planning and asset modeling
  • Due diligence and negociation
  • Operational implementation of strategy
  • ESG strategy implementation on assets

Key figures as of en of December 2018

4.7 million sqm under management
684 buildings under management

A genuine real estate partner



Energetic performance